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Welcome to Glendon Place - a cross-stitch and counted thread design company offering unique and finely-detailed charts for the most discriminating stitcher, as well as the occasional needleart enthusiast. Glendon Place offers designs in a variety of topics, which means you're sure to find something you like and just can't live without! Some designs simply require ordinary floss and a solid color of fabric, while others are more challenging and suggest using an over-dyed fabric, and may incorporate variegated floss, metallic braid and embellishments such as seed beads, buttons or glass/crystal treasures. Choosing to stitch a Glendon Place design will result in a needleart piece of heirloom quality that will be enjoyed by you, as well as family and friends for year to come.
 GP-232 Thistle Do Nicely

Simply yet elegant, thistles have long been the floral emblem of what was once the Kingdom of Scotland. As a matter of fact, the Scottish Thistle is the oldest recorded 'National Flower' and is probably one of the most well-known and easily recognized symbols of Scotland today. Design stitched on Wichelt Imports 28ct White Jobelan with 6 colors (7 skeins) of Dinky-Dyes silk floss., 4 colors of MIll Hill Beads, 2 colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss and 1 color of Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid. Design size 203w X 138h.

See a much larger image here: Thistle Do Nicely


GP-233 This Old Man

The second design in a series of vintage nursery rhymes that many of use grew up with and remember fondly. This traditional rhyme was first published in 1906, but more than likely originated earlier. It is said that it may have started during the time of the Irish potato famine around 1845. Stitched on PTP 28ct Doubloon with only 5 colors or Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss and 1 color of Kreink #4 Very Fine Braid. Stitch count 118w X 115h.

 GP-234 Rats!

This simply put says it all:  Rats! I ate too much candy! A plump little fat rat that is just too adorable. Stitched on PTP 28ct Regency (very light green) with 13 colors of Weeks Dye Works over-dyed floss and 2 colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss. Best match colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor regular floss is provided on the chart in lieu of using Weeks Dye Works variegated floss. Stitch count 95w X 98h. 


 GP-235 Wicked Witch of Everything

This is a design you will definitely want to stitch for yourself or a very special friend.  Reading it just puts a smile on your face! Stitched on PTP 28ct Chalice Cashel Linen with 23 colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss .Stitch count 97w X 101h. 

GP-236 Good To Gnaw

It's the canine version of the age-old Halloween adage: Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Stitched on PTP 28ct Cauldron Cashel Linen with 13 colors of Weeks Dye Works over-dyed floss. Best match colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor regular floss are provided on the chart in lieu of using Weeks Dye Works variegated floss. Stitch count 112w X 148h.

As a courtesy to stateside stitchers who do not have a Local Needlework Shop (LNS) in their area, or international stitchers who do not have access to Glendon Place designs, please feel free to place an order. However, whenever possible, I would prefer that you support your LNS or many of the Online Needlework Shops (ONS) that are readily available and listed in the Shop Locator section to the left. Refer to Order Info for Stitchers to obtain additional information regarding terms of payment and estimated shipping charges.

You will find design details in the Catalog section by category. Click on the individual designs and you will have access to very detailed information about the materials needed for a design. Most of the shops listed in the Shop Locator section have these materials on hand or are more than happy to order them for you.
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