Note for Shop Owners:  All corrections listed below have been incorporated into unsold stock, as well as orders sent to distributors and shops after the “Correction Date”. This information is provided in the event a customer may have purchased a chart prior to the identity of a correction. It is suggested that if shops have inventory in their shops purchased prior to the “Correction Date,” they review them for accuracy and make hand-written changes if necessary. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Note for Stitchers:  Glendon Place takes the quality, accuracy, and readability of its charts very seriously. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions for improvement by going to the Contact Us section and sending an email. The following corrections were identified after the original printing of the designs listed below.  In most cases, these corrections have already been made on the chart that you purchased.  However, this information is provided in the event you purchased the chart prior to the identification of the error.

GP-256 Helianthus
Post Date: 05-14-19
The original model was stitched with 1 skein of 50-Acacia. However, depending how your stitching tension is and the amount of thread waste you produce, you may need 2 skeins. Two skeins are now included in the floss pack and the chart has been updated. The silk floss pack now contains 14 skeins, instead of 13 skeins.

GP-250 Spook Town Square – Part 3 of 4
Post Date: 08-31-18
This may be a bit hard to explain, but I will try to make it as simple as possible. First, let me begin by saying there is nothing wrong with the layout of the design in this booklet. If you are stitching from one vignette to the next, you may not even notice this. However, if you look closely at Section 2, the “Sinema”, the grid-system behind the design does not line up accurately where it should as it relates to Section 1, 3 and 4.  If you notice this error and would like to print a corrected page, you can do that here: Spook Town Square – Part 3 or 4 – Sinema vignette only.

GP-220 Spell Bound
Post Date: 08-16-18
There are two Anchor color numbers in the Color Chart on the back of the booklet that have been inadvertently switched. These colors are used in the Happy Halloween lettering in the design. Sullivans color 45265 should have DMC comparable as 919, and Anchor comparable as 326. Also, Sullivans color 45267 should have DMC comparable as 921, and Anchor comparable as 324. 

GP-250-2 Spook Town Square – Part 2 of 4
Post Date: 08-12-18
There is a symbol missing in the color chart key.  This symbol is a small “o” and is used in the Hardware Store front door and the arched window above the doors. You can find this symbol in the main color key at the back of the booklet. This symbol represents Sullivans 45165/DMC 712/or Anchor 926 (Cream).

GP-231 Snow Pals
Post Date: 10-08-17
Reference the Color Chart on the back of the booklet. The DMC and Anchor color numbers have been inadvertently switched for the last two symbols on the color chart (the symbol “V” and the symbol “+”). The colors that should be listed for symbol “V” should be Sullivans 45195/DMC 775/or Anchor 1031. The colors that should be listed for symbol “+” should be Sullivans 45439/DMC 3841/or Anchor 9159.
 GP-247 Peter Pumpkinhead
Post Date: 08-22-17
  • An incorrect symbol appears for the gold-like chain holding the spider medallion around Peter Pumpkinhead’s neck. The symbol appears as an exclamation mark (!), when it should be the letter “C” and be stitched in #028 Citron – Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid.
  • On the back page, under the Resources section, first bullet point: Fabric listed should be “Crystal Chime”, not “Aerial”.
GP-241 Love You Still
Post Date: 05-01-17
Reference Section 4 of the chart. Two symbols printed erroneously that appear as a “double-diamond” side by side. One of the symbols is filled in, while the other is hollow in the middle. These two incorrect symbols appear toward the top of the page in Section 4, 4-5 blocks from the left, the 1st and 2nd blocks down from the top. Please be advised that the solid double diamond should be the numeral “4” and be stitched with bead #2031 Citron, while the hollow double diamond should be the numeral “5” and be stitched with bead #03049 Rich Red.

GP-140 Gentleman Frost
Post Date: 05-22-17
Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid #664 Blue Magenta has been discontinued. Suggest replacing with 3533 – Purple Mambo.

GP-238 Formidable Frank
Post Date: 03-19-17
There is an incorrect symbol listed in the “Formidable Frank” sign above his head. The “bulls eye symbol” listed in Sections 1, 2 and 3 should be a “plus sign” and should be stitched with Canary Bright, Sullivans 45303/DMC 973/or Anchor 290. You can print corrected pages by clicking on the following links: Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3.


GP-239 Gingerbread Grove
Post Date: 11-25-16
The “backstitching” color numbers on the back of the chart have been inadvertently switched for the DMC and Anchor colors. Sullivans color #45280 should list the Anchor color as 380 and the DMC color as 938. This color is a dark brown.
GP-217 Woodland Wonder
Post Date: 11-23-16
There is an incorrect bead symbol in the tree on the far right that shows up in Section 3 and Section 4. Down the center of the tree at the very top, the bead symbol should be a “5” not a “3”, indicating the color #2098 Pine Green.  This incorrect symbol only appears at the very top in the first three clusters. You can print the correct pages by clicking the links directly above.
GP-202 Toil and Trouble
Post Date: 07-21-16
There is an image/item in the chart that is marked with the incorrect symbol and color. The very top flame (over the kettle), that can be viewed in Section 1, should have a symbol of a “left pointing arrow” and be stitched in Sullivans 45128/DMC 562/or Anchor 209. Prior to identifying this error, some of the older charts out there will have the symbol of a “half-filled circle”, indicating that it should be stitched in Sullivans 45300/DMC 970/or Anchor 316, which is incorrect.
GP-221 Cruisin’
Post Date: 09-10-15
A couple of the Kreinik symbols at the bottom of the witches cape in Section 2 are incorrect and inadvertently modified themselves when exporting the design pages from the original software program to the layout and design program that is used. I do not know why this happens, but every now and then it does and in most cases goes unnoticed until someone is stitching the design. Specifically the symbols “B” and “C” are showing up as “!” (explanation marks). A corrected page can be printed here.
GP-174 Eggs Ala Round
Post Date: 09-10-15
Although not specifically stated in the chart, the Rhodes specialty stitch in the center of the design should be stitched with 2 strands of The Gentle Art #0180 – Spring Grass.

GP-188 Pumpkin Swirl

Post Date: 09-07-15

The number of bead packs needed to complete the design that are listed on the back of the chart are incorrect. Here is the correct information:

  • 00330 – Copper – 3 packs
  • 02035 – Shimmering Apricot – 2 packs
  • 03021 – Royal Pearl – 2 packs
  • 03057 – Cherry Sorbet – 1 pack

Post Date: 09-07-15

Also in Section 1 of the chart there is a symbol that appears as a “1” Royal Pearl bead that should be “3” Cherry Sorbet bead. You will notice that in the other 3 quadrants of the design, the bead color symbol is a “3”. Please see the attached photo. The erroneous symbol is highlighted in blue.

Post Date: 09-01-15

In Section 6 of the chart there is one symbol that appears that should not be there. This is a printing error on the chart and this symbol should not be stitched.  Please see the attached photo. The erroneous symbol is highlighted in blue.

Post Date: 07-24-15

In Section 1 of the chart there are symbols that appear that should not be there (a total of 8 stitches, in two clusters of 4). This is a printing error on the chart and these symbols should not be stitched.  Please see the attached photo. The erroneous symbols are highlighted in blue.

GP-211 Eerie Express

Post Date: 02-18-15

The eye and brow in the crescent moon should be stitched in full stitches with Black (Sullivans 45053/DMC 310/or Anchor 403).  The chart inadvertently shows the eye and brow with no symbols present.

Post Date: 08-21-15

You will notice in the chart that there are French knots for the eyes of the bat located on the coffin.  However, I do not mention them in the stitching instructions and tell you what color you should use.  You will also notice that I forgot to put them on in the photo on the front of the chart.  Ooops, sorry about that. I recommend doing the French knots in the color of your choice (red, orange or yellow).  Or, you may want to use the same yellow bead that is used for the glowing sets of eyes in the train depot.

GP-213 Autumn Ala Round

Post Date: 11-19-14

There are a total of 5 Algerian Eyelet Stitches in the piece (1 dead center and 4 more on the outside of the acorns, also towards the center). The chart neglected to indicate what color to stitch the Algerian Eyelet stitches.  You should use 1 strand of Kreinik #4 Braid. The eyelet dead center should be stitched in #5805 (Golden Pimento), while the outer 4 eyelets should be stitched with #5815 (Golden Chardonnay).

GP-203 Come Said The Wind

Post Date: 10-06-13

Petite Stitches: On the back of the chart (In the Stitching Instructions, 2nd bullet point) it reads: “Petite stitches were stitched using 1 strand of floss over 2 threads of fabric”.  It should read: “Petite stitches were stitched using 1 strand of floss over 1 thread of fabric”.

GP-187 Cherries Jubilee

Post Date: 08-05-13

The chart indicates that you need 2 packs of Mill Hill Bead #2075 – Grenadine, when you actually need 4 packs.  According to Mill Hill there are approximately 250 beads in a package (or clam shell) for that particular color.  The design requires 788 beads of that color.  Usually there are a few extra beads in a package, but in some cases there may not be, therefore it is suggested that you purchase 4 packs.

GP-197 Snowmen Ala Round

Post Date: 04-14-13

All backstitching in the design should be done with 1 strand over 2 with black Sullivans 45053/DMC 310/or Anchor 403.

GP-186 Ornaments Ala Round

Posting Date: 05-13-12

– Comparable Anchor color listed in color chart for Sullivans 45133 should be Anchor 1062, not Anchor 133. This is a light turquoise color and represented by three dots in the shape of a triangle symbol. This symbol is found in the thin ornament on the far right of the design (purple and turquoise). 

– The centers of the four ornaments in the middle of the design (that resemble rays) should be backstiched with the same color that is used for the ornament caps and hangers: Sullivans 45242/DMC 869/or Anchor 944.

GP-184 Royal Poinsettias

Posting Date: 04-22-12

Incorrect symbol (V) appears for the vase, the bow and the small area and tulip-shaped area above the bow.  The pencil thin vase should be a solid triangle and stitched in Sullivans 45432/DMC3834/or Anchor 98.  That includes the thin area directly above the bow.  The bow and the tulip shape below the dark green area should be a solid circle and stitched in Sullivans 45262/DMC 915/or Anchor 1029.  Refer to the picture on the front of the chart, which shows the correct colors.

GP-120 Egg Elegance No. 3

Posting Date: 01-16-12

Comparable DMC color listed in color chart for Anchor 926 should be DMC 712, not DMC 3862. This is a very light Ecru color and is represented by a hyphen symbol.

GP-171 Mini Memories of Everyday (Tooth Fairy)

Posting Date: 06-23-11

Comparable DMC color listed in color chart for Sullivans 45477 should be DMC 162, not DMC 3849.  This is a light blue color and represented by an open square symbol.

GP-167 Ghool School

Posting Date: 09-25-10

– The overlap area on Section 4 is incorrect.  All rows are present, however, treat Section 4 as a continuation from Section 2, without a three-row overlap.  Otherwise, you may print the following revised and corrected Section 4.

– The stitching instructions do not indicate how to stitch the fingers on the skeleton.  Use 2 strands of white over the stitch length of each finger as show on the pattern.

GP-112 Pretty Pumpkins

Posting Date: 04-28-10

DMC 606 is intentionally listed twice in the chart for what appears to be two different color names: Blaze Lt and Blaze Med.  These are actually the color names for the Anchor floss line.  Unfortunately, the DMC color palette did not have a color that was even remotely close to Anchor 334 Blaze Med, so use DMC 606 again for the backstitching on the middle pumpkin.  However, if you really want your backstitching to stand out (like it will on the other two pumpkins), then I might suggest that you purchase just that color of Anchor 334, while stitching the remainder of the design in DMC floss.

GP-161 Sleepy Hollow

Correction Date: 10-08-09

– DMC 829 was intentionally listed twice in the color chart, simply because there was not a comparable color to the Anchor color in the DMC palette.  That color is used in 2 different places, in the headless horseman’s jacket (symbol is an up arrow) and the reins for the horse (symbol is an “H”). If you really want to change the reins to a different brown, then I would suggest using DMC 869, for the symbol “H”, instead of 829.

– On 11-23-09 Kreinik announced that it would discontinue #4001 Green Tea and 4004 Earl Grey (both used in this design).  These two colors work together in the design so if you are unable to get them both, then substitute them with 9194 Star Green and 5009 Mermaid.

– You will need 2 full packages of Mill Hill Bead #03007, and 1 full package of Mill Hill Bead #03022.  However, in rare incidents, an additional package of each color had to be purchased.

GP-151 Nuts About Autumn

Correction Date: 05-07-09

Kreinik 052HL Bronze at the bottom of the color chart has an incorrect symbol. The symbol should be the numeral “1”, rather than a “solid upside down triangle”. The solid upside-down triangle is a symbol used in the chart, but should be associated with Anchor 1004/DMC 920 Apricot VY DK.

GP-148 On Shepherds’ Watch

Correction Date: 02-27-09 Comparable DMC color listed in color chart for Anchor 1070 – Jade LT should be DMC 993, not DMC 933.

GP-141 Madam Snow

Correction Date: 04-16-08 – Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid 051HL – Sapphire Hi Lustre should be used to backstitch the Algerian Diamonds around the boots at the bottom of Madam snow, not 002 – Gold.

– The bead colors for symbol “3” and “4” were inadvertently switched. Symbol “3” should be stitched with Mill Hill Bead 02014 – Black, and symbol “4” should be stitched with Mill Hill Bead 00479 – White.

GP-132 The Nativity

Correction Date: 11-10-07 – Anchor 936/DMC 632 (Fawn VY DK) has an incorrect symbol in the color chart. The symbol should be a “square with double checks”, rather than a “backwards L with a dot in the middle”. The symbol can be found in dark areas of the cow.

Correction Date: 07-10-10

– The rays around the baby Jesus’ head should be stitched with 1 strand of #028 Citron Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid, using long running stitches.

2007 FREE DESIGN Eggcellent Easter Scene

Correction Date: 02-02-07 The second black header in the color chart should read “Mill Hill Beads”, not “Kreinik”. Therefore, color numbers 00145, 00479, and 02005 represent Mill Hill Beads.

GP-131 Whooo’s There?

Correction Date: 08-30-07 Symbol in Owl’s pupils should have been a “solid diamond” instead of an “open bow tie”. Therefore, pupils should be stitched in 1268 Molasses (Weeks Dye Works).

GP-122 Easter Avenue

Correction Date: 02-02-07 – Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid 2122 – Curry should be used to backstitch the names on the street signs. The Kreinik is listed in the “Other Materials Needed,” but does not specifically indicate what to use it for.

– Comparable DMC color listed in color chart for Anchor 381 Fudge Med should be DMC 938, not DMC 939.

– Backstitch the flower stems and leaves with Anchor 211/DMC 3818.

GP-115 Season’s Greetings Sampler

Correction Date: 01-12-07 Comparable DMC color listed in color chart for Anchor 243 – Grass Green Med should be DMC 988, not DMC 367.

GP-114 We Three Kings

Correction Date: 11-06-06 – Comparable DMC color listed in color chart for Anchor 72 – Raspberry VY DK should be DMC 902, not DMC 3865. 

– DMC color 964 was intentionally listed twice in the color chart, simply because there was not a color comparable to Anchor 1092 in the DMC color palette.  If you would really like to get the correct shading and not use the same color for both symbols, a good solution would be to blend 1 str of White with 1 str of DMC 964 for the symbol with the backwards “L” with a “dot” in the middle.

GP-110 Witching It Was Halloween

Correction Date: 08-01-06 – Number of Mill Hill Glass Treasures 12173 – Royal Blue Star needed is 11, not 10 (1 per pack).

– Anchor 268/DMC 937 and Anchor 273/DMC 645 listed in written Stitching Instructions, however not listed in color chart.  These colors are needed for backstitching. All backstitching done with 1 strand of floss over 2 threads of fabric.

Correction Date: 11-23-09

– On 11-23-09 Kreinik announced that it would discontinue #4005 Sugar Cube.  If you are unable to find this #4 Kreinik braid, then substitute #001 Silver in place of #4005 Sugar Cube.

GP-105 Grimm, Glum and Gloom on Halloween

Correction Date: 05-04-06 – The chart does not indicate in what color to backstitch the tree in the background on the right side of the house. It should be backstitched in Anchor 403/DMC 310 Black.

Correction Date: 11-14-16 – DMC 841 was intentionally used for two symbols in the chart (the small “u” in the house, and the symbol that looks like a “division sign” in the spooky tree. I usually put an asterisk (*) symbol next to the colors affected and make a note of it below the color chart so people are not confused. However, this is a very old chart (produced in 2005 and reprinted in 2009). Should I ever run out of this 2nd printing, I will note that change in the reprint. For informational purposes, the only time I will use the same color for 2 different symbols is when those two symbols are located in entirely different places on the chart. The choice was made to use the DMC color twice because there was not a comparable color choice in the DMC palette for the Anchor color that was used in the original model.

GP-104 Five Simple Rules for Happiness 

Correction Date: 10-24-05 The stitching instructions indicate to use 36 ct Belfast Natural Linen by Zweigart. That should by “32” ct, not 36 ct. This typo can be found in the very first line of the stitching instructions on both sides of the pattern.