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Stitcher’s Showcase



Why not let the rest of the world “ooh and aah” over your needlework talent and creativity?


It’s simple — Submit a digital photograph of your finished Glendon Place design,

along with your name, city, state and any other details you would like to provide to:


Glendon Place Stitcher's Showcase

Frank’s Family Portrait was stitched by Sharon Sparzynski of Jackson Missouri. Sharon found a Gold mirror at Hobby Lobby, removed the mirror, touched the frame up with black and framed her stitched piece. All I can say is WOW! Sharon this looks totally awesome!

The 2016 Winter Bluster ornament was stitched by Susan Widhammer from Minot AFB, North Dakota.  This free design appeared in the 2016 Just CrossStitch ornament issue.  Susan says she makes a cross-stitched Christmas ornament for her granddaughter every year.  What a lovely tradition Susan!

Spook Town Square was stitched by Tanner Smith currently living in Asuncion, Paraguay, but originally from North Carolina.  Says Tanner: “I consider myself to be thrifty stitcher. My stash started out as my mom’s and grandma’s old stash. With that said, the larger blocks are done on 14ct Aida and the smaller blocks are on 18ct Aida, both of which I dyed myself. The centerpiece was done on a piece of 28ct evenweave I dyed. The blocks are mounted on 6-and-5 inch craft foam cubes. I cut the cubes in half so they would fit better on my mantle. The backing fabric was sourced from JoAnne’s.” Tanner, you took a very creative approach to creating your own
Spook Town Square. How fun!

Plum Pudding was stitched by Brian Driscoll of Crete, IL. Brian stitched the design for his wife, but changed the fabric to 28ct Hand-Dyed Hardanger, as well as the color scheme to match their decor. It is outstanding Brian! Thanks for sharing it with all of us here in the Stitcher’s Showcase.

Strelitzia was stitched by Regina Cross of Moberly, MO. Regina said it was her first time working with variegated silk thread and that this was not the fabric she intended to use when she bought the pattern. But, when she laid the orange threads on the fabric, it just POPPED so well that it convinced her to switch to an “unnamed blue” by Mystic Fabrics. What an incredible choice Regina! Well done!!

Tiramisu was stitched by Rachael Storey of Arlington, VA. Rachel said that she decided to frame her piece in a neutral type of frame so that she could use the same frame on other Glendon Place mandalas that she plans on stitching. It is absolutely beautiful Rachel.  We can’t wait to see the others!

Halloween Ala Round was stitched by Gaylene Burfield of San Angelo, TX. Gaylene stitched Halloween Ala Round on 14ct Storm Aida by Picture This Plus. She had it framed with 3 matts and her favorite Halloween frame. Very nicely done Gaylene!

Hungarian Folk Art No. 2 was stitched by Lori Pyse of Valrico, FL. Not only did Lori do a lovely job, but her pillow finisher, Peggy Wittlake, shop owner of the Crafty Framer in Largo, FL did a very complimentary job as well.

A Bloom of Hope was stitched by Diane Ryks of Minnesota. She said she stitched it for her daughter who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, but is now cancer free. That is wonderful Daine, I am sure that many of us are so happy for both you and your daughter.

The creative talents of the stitchers, as well as the framers, never cease to amaze me. This simply awesome Halloween piece was stitched by Debbie Twitchell of Centerville, Utah. The framing was very artfully done by that truly incredible framer known as Jill Rensel of Rensel Studios in Ogden, Utah. She puts her special touch on every piece she frames and certainly makes them “one of a kind”! I am sure Debbie will treasure this piece forever.

This lovely fall piece, Come Said The Wind, was stitched by Jennifer Fitzgerald of Hannon, Ontario, Canada.  Jennifer said “it was a joy to stitch”! You did a wonderful job Jennifer, and the matting and framing fit the piece perfectly!

Grasshopper Pie stitched by Desiree Pheister of Gresham, OR. Desiree enjoyed stitching this design so much that she is now working on Rainbow Parfait, another mandala design in the Glendon Place A-Mazing Desserts Collection.

Hungarian Folk Art No. 1 stitched by Debbie Maxwell of Plainfield, IL. Debbie was very creative and actually modified the design to be a birth sampler for her latest granddaughter.  I couldn’t tell the story better than to use Debbie’s exact words: 

When my daughter announced she was expecting again, I thought to myself – “oh that means another birth sampler and Christmas stocking”.  I couldn’t find anything I liked for a birth sampler and then it hit me as my completed stitching was laying on my dining room table waiting for me to figure out how I was going to frame it and where it was going to go in my house since it didn’t really match anything.  I fell in love with this chart when I first saw it and had to have it, not thinking of what I was going to do with it when finished.  So I quick grabbed an alphabet chart and the rest is history.  This is now hanging in Mila’s room matching the bird decor beautifully.  I hope she thinks of me every time she looks at it!

Thank you Debbie for sharing this piece with us.  It is utterly precious!

Eerie Express stitched by Marlene Natalo of Ossining, NY. Marlene mentioned to me that the reason she stitched this piece is because it was the perfect gift for her daughter who actually works for the railroad. In fact, it hangs in her work space at the office. You did an awesome job Marlene, I am sure your daughter will treasure it!

Santa’s North Pole by Jean Nolan of Wolverine Lake, MI. Jean commented by saying that she “loved stitching this whimsical piece” and that she will “treasure it for many years to come”. Thanks for sharing your beautiful piece with all of us Jean. You did a fabulous job!

Castle Le Creep stitched by Susan Winter of Bonneau, SC. Susan not only won 2nd place at the Coastal Caroline Fair, but also the People’s Choice Award!  Awesome job Susan! For all you avid stitchers in the South Carolina area, Susan will soon be opening a needlework boutique in the Charleston, SC area. It will be called Fire Poppies.

Spook Town Square stitched by Sally of Portland, OR. What a creative way to display such an epic piece! This quilt is awesome Sally. Love the creepy cobweb fabric!  Sally said that she liked stitching it so much that she is stitching the design a 2nd time!  WOW!

Stand for Freedom stitched by Debby Mack of Fort Collins, CO. Debby stitched this limited edition design with all the materials provided in the kit. Debby said she had never used Sulky threads before and absolutely loved working with them! Her quote: “Thanks again for (another) absolutely perfect design that was a joy to stitch”. Thank you Debby for sharing your work with us!

Autumn Ala Round stitched by Shiela Fitzhugh of Rosedale, MD. Shiela says she absolutely loves this piece.  So much in fact, that she sent to it Cindy Dunlow Frames down in Ocala, FL, the same framer who framed the original model of the design. Sheila was so pleased with the results that she plans on sending future pieces to Cindy. Beautiful job Sheila!

The Witches Wheel stitched by Lisa Dike of Missouri.  Lisa won a 1st Place Ribbon in the this year’s Missouri State Fair. Congrats Lisa … that is so awesome!

Castle Le Creep stitched by Vicki Matticks of Melrose Park, IL. I was so pleased to see this design stitched up by someone else. I think you did an exceptional job Vicki and I especially like the colors of the mats that you chose.  It really compliments the picture as well as shows off  the background fabric off very nicely.

Pretty Pumpkins stitched by Lynda Baker of New Boston, MI. Well everyone, if you want your Pretty Pumpkins matted and framed like this one, I think we have finally found someone who can do it for you: The Framery & Gallery, 2621 W. Jefferson, Trenton, MI 48183, Phone: 734-671-0130.  Ask for Owner: Larry Pettinga.  Matting completed by Lynn Gardner. It’s a beautiful piece Lynda, wonderful job!

Mr.Bone Jangles stitched by Gaylene Burfield of San Angelo, TX. Gaylene stitched this striking piece on 14ct Purple Aida. Them old bones look really good on purple Gaylene!

Wow! Check out these 4 designs from the A-Maze-ing Desserts Collection: Grasshopper Pie, Baked Alaska, Plum Pudding and Tiramisu. Margaret McLaren of Robertson, NSW Australia, took all 4 of these designs and changed the fabrics, as well as the silk fibers she decided to use. She used hand-dyed “Gumnut” silks from an Australian dyer and chose solid colors of fabric to include White, Antique White, Cream and Natural. As Margaret put it, she “loves playing with colour”. Since Gamnut threads come in a range of 5 colour densities, Margaret found it easy to vary the weight and density of each colour she chose. They are all absolutely lovely Margaret!

This incredible piece is a combination of two designs crafted by Rose Barrow of Hollister, CA. Rose used Frank’s Family Portrait and Whooligan’s Hangout and came up with this creative design.  She also changed the Caron thread for the moon to Papaya to give it more of a harvest moon look. The lights on the mansion are DMC E980 and the eyes on the bat belt are DMC E990.  Rose added a few fun charms to the mix: the spider on the end of the web line, the bat on the moon, and the dancing skeletons by the tombstones. Lastly, notice the “knobs” on the sides of Frank’s neck. Rose’s husband modified a couple of rivets to come up with these.  I love the creative genius that went into this piece.  The banner, the background fabric and the dowel rod idea are all awesome. Outstanding job Rose!!


Web of Stash by Mary Aslin of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Mary stitched this design on hand-dyed 14ct Opal by Chromatic Alchemy. Love it Mary!


Ghool School By Mary Aslin of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Mary stitched her masterpiece on 14ct hand-dyed Aida called Moonscape by Chromatic Alchemy. Mary also commented that she enjoyed watching the design develop and it was a pleasure to stitch.  Great job Mary and a great choice on the fabric!


Royal Poinsettias By Anne Carr of Ocala, FL. It is important to point out that Anne stitched this design 1 over 1 and this finished piece  is only 4″ X 6″.  This is the 2nd person in the Stitcher’s Showcase who has stitched it this way.  Could this be a trend?


Come Said The Wind By Sheila Smith of Honey Harbour, Ontario, Canada.  The first time I have seen this stitched by someone other than myself.  You did a lovely job Sheila!


Autumn Ala Round and Monster March – By Lillian Pfannes of Winston Salem, NC.  Lillian, I am so honored to take up two places on your fireplace mantle this Halloween/Fall holiday season.  They both look wonderful!



Pumpkin Swirl – By Debby Mack of Fort Collins, CO. Wow, Debbie, it is absolutely stunning and your framer did an excellent job. Debby says that Pumpkin Swirl is the first Glendon Place design she has stitched.  She did it on 32ct Taupe Lugana.  It is double-framed, with the glass between the two frames. So this is a perfect example of how you can stitch it on 32ct fabric, although the designer has stitched it on 28ct.  It will work either way!


The Witches Wheel – By Margaret Clark of Tulsa, OK. Here is another fabulous finish of the Witches Wheel.  Margaret calls it a “work of love”, because her brother handmade a circular frame for the finished piece. Plus, according to Margaret, it is her husband’s favorite piece! It looks awesome Margaret.  Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!


Autumn Ala Round – By Don Henriksen of Murray, Utah. Obviously, Don is quite an accomplished stitcher and often enters his work in the Utah State Fair. This year he took Best of Show in the Senior Category.  Don says, “When I meet people face to face for the first time, it’s usually good for a raised eyebrow or two”.  I guess most people are a bit surprised when they find out such beautiful needlework was created by “a guy”! Congratulations Don, it is stunning!


The Witches Wheel – By Amy Bussen Isaacson. After completing the piece, Amy decided to display her piece in a quilter’s hoop (she painted black).  She then went to the local Hobby Lobby and picked up some floral sprays, which she cut up and glued to the back of the piece.  Amy you certainly have a flair for color and design.  For those of you who have stitched the piece and are familiar with it, the center of the witches hats have five different colors of beads (magenta, orange, chartreuse, purple and gold). The sprays compliment the beading in the work perfectly. Amy, you did a fabulous job!

 Gallery - Amy Bussen Isaacson - Witches Wheel

Plum Pudding – By Marsha Hausner of Williamsburg, VA. Marsha stitched her piece on 14ct Antique White Aida. Marsha exact words were: “It has been a pleasure working on this.  It was my first cross stitch with beads and this fantastic Dinky Dye thread”. Great job Marsha!


WOW About Friends – By Kay Collins of Seminole, FL. Kay took a popular Glendon Place piece and turned it into a wedding sampler gift for her nephew and fiancé by swapping out the words in the middle for a more appropriate marriage poem. It was the perfect fit since the couple got married in a vineyard in New Hampshire.  What an extremely well-thought-out gift and you did a lovely job Kaye! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Give Thanks – By Julie of Naples, FL. Now is here is a brand new twist on an older Glendon Place chart (GP-149 Give Thanks).  Instead of stitching 2 over 2, Julie decided to stitch her heirloom 1 of 1.  She changed the entire color palette and used Splendor Silk.  The fabric she used is 25ct Lugana Vintage Country Mocha By Zweigart. The georgeous variegated color that was used is called Turkey Feathers by SilkNColors. Julie, this is absolutely stunning and the framer hit it out of the ball park!

Gallery - Julie of Napes - Give Thanks

Ornaments Ala Round – By Maria Sysoeva of Rostov-on-Don (the Southern Capital of Russia).  I just love it when stitcher’s use their creative instincts and finish a piece differently than anyone can imagine.  Maria, this pillow is absolutely stunning. You did a fabulous job.  Thank you for sharing your very special piece with us. Gallery-Maria-Sysoeva-Ornaments-Ala-Round-1


The Witches Wheel – By Boni McIntyre of Lakewood, Colorado. Here is another great finish of The Witches Wheel! When Boni sent me a photo of her piece, her exact words were, “It’s by far my favorite piece I’ve ever done”. I have to admit, that is quite a compliment, thank you Boni!Bonnie-McIntyre-Witches-Wheel

The Witches Wheel – By Michael Parenteau of Roseville, Minnesota. Michael stitched the design with the recommend 28ct Solar Cashel linen by Picture This Plus and look how the black and the bright colored beads just pop!Michael said that everybody who has seen it really loves it. The first picture is when Michael just took it off the stretcher bars. The second picture is a shot of the framed picture that hangs above his fireplace at Halloween.


Royal Poinsettias – By Sara Dorschug of Venice Florida. Sara changed it up just a little bit by stitching over 1 on 25 count (instead of over 2 on  32ct), resulting in a perfect  little (postcard size) 4″ X 6″ piece. Of course, her framer made it look even more phenomenal.  Sara, I hope it is a welcome edition to your Christmas décor his year! It’s beautiful!


Plum Pudding – By Charleen Holt of Arizona. Charleen just received the Blue Ribbon at the 2014 Arizona State Fair!  Awesome Charleen, Congratulations!


The Witches Wheel – By Karin Fitzsimons of Bakersfield, CA. Karin mentioned that at the suggestion of a fellow stitcher, she used a suede matte. She said it made all the difference.  I can just imagine how rich it must look!

Gallery-Karin-Fitzsimons-The-Witches-Wheel Pretty Pumpkins – Also by Karin Fitzsimons of Bakersfield, CA. Karin, your piece came out beautiful and the matting and framing is stunning! Gallery-Karin-Fitzsimons-Pretty-Pumpkins Murky Manor – By Laura of Celtic Rose Needlework in the United Kingdom. Laura stitched her fabulous piece on 28 count hand dyed opalescent evenweave from Sparklies.  Another thing she did to make her piece extra special was to stitch the entire moon in a Kreinik metallic thread. Laura, it is absolutely striking and you did a beautiful job!

Notice the moon in Kreinik Metallic Gold Thread!Gallery-Laura-Celtic-Rose-Murky-Manor-Complete
How Cool is this fabric? Gallery-Laura-Celtic-Rose-Murky-Manor-Complete-Moon
The quality of the stitching is superb!Gallery-Laura-Celtic-Rose-Murky-Manor-Skulls

Pumpkin Swirl – By Allison Heinbaugh of Williamsburg, VA. Allison really took this design in a whole different direction in terms of color;  using both Dinky Dyes and DMC floss in blues, browns and creams with brown seed beads tucked in here and there. These colors were chosen to go with the colors of her office area at work. I absolutely love it when stitchers  really “customize” a piece and make it their own!

Gallery-Allison-Heinbaugh-Pumpkin-Swirl-2 Ornaments Ala Round – Also by Allison Heinbaugh of Williamsburg, VA. Allison chose a lovely 14ct Oatmeal Aida to stitch her piece on.  After she began stitching Ornaments Ala Round Allison commented that she was “so surprised at how much it sparkes with the Kreinik Braid and Mill Hill Beads, which is hard to see from the pictures!” It looks as if Allison has done an exceptional job of decorating her cubicle at work! Gallery-Allison-Heinbaugh-Ornaments-Ala-Round Plum Pudding – By Meredith Graham of MA. Congratulations for receiving 1st Prize in the large cross-stitch category at the Topsfield Fair last fall!  Meredith, it looks absolutely outstanding! Meredith mentioned that she has also stitched The Witches Wheel and looks forward to stitching other Glendon Place Designs.


Royal Poinsettias – Well it’s is another fabulous finish By Lisa Piscitello of Carol Stream, IL. Lisa said this was a Christmas present to herself! Instead of using Beanstalk for the leaves, Lisa substituted Needle Necessities 024 because she felt the variegation it provided was more pronounced.  She also used petite gold beads in the centers of the flowers.  The piece was stitched on 18ct Truffle Cashel Linen by Picture This Plus. It’s very elegant Lisa!


Ornaments Ala Round – Another great piece by Lorna Phillips of Pewaukee, WI. Lorna stitched her piece on Snow Blue evenweave and decided to swap out the gingerbread men in the design for metallic snowflakes with gold beads instead. Way to use your creativity Lorna!


Whooo’s There? – By Peg Koloski of Hudson, FL. Instead of using Weeks Dye Works (as the original model was stitched in), Peg decided to convert her design to DMC threads. The colors are slightly different overall, but it still looks awesome! Peg says it was “wonderful working on it” and was very pleased with the results. It looks fabulous Peg!

Gallery - Peg Koloski - Whooos There

Sleepy Hollow – By Amy Neveau of Lapeer, MI. Amy decided to change things up a bit and used glow in the dark thread in all those areas originally stitched in white.  She also stitched the entire moon in glow in the dark thread. Wow Amy, I bet it looks incredible at night.  Amy says, “I have it hanging year round and it still surprises me at night but looks awesome.”


The vulture – By Vanessa Moody of Wichita, KS. Vanessa got real creative and stitched one of the characters from GP-192 All Hallows Eve as a small standup ornament for a friend’s 50th birthday.  She stitched it on 36ct Edinburgh Linen by Picture This Plus. Great job Vanessa … he’s quite endearing!



It’s Harvest Time – By Lisa Piscitello of Carol Stream, IL. It’s Harvest Time actually appeared in the November 2012 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine. Lisa decided to stitch her piece on 18ct Champagne Cocktail Flair by Enchanted Fabrics and like myself, stitched it with Sullivans threads. Lisa said she really enjoys doing the Glendon Place designs that appear in magazines because they are the perfect size. Thanks for being such a fan Lisa!


Wicked Wanda – By Stephanie Penland of Bethlehem, GA. Stephanie decided to stitch her witch on 28ct Okefenokee linen by Crossed Wing Collection.  She also got creative by adding a large green Mill Hill Bead to Wicked Wanda’s nose, plus, instead of stitching the skull and spiders, she decided to use the skull and spider buttons from JABC (Just Another Button Company).  It is difficult to see it in the photo, but Stephanie also used a sparkly blending filament inside of the globe.  Outstanding enhancements to the design Stephanie!


Sleepy Hollow – By Jean Young of Gaithersburg, Maryland. This piece is very special to Jean because she actually grew up in Tarrytown, NY, where the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” took place and was written by Washington Irving. Jean even attended Irving Grammar School and Irving High School! At a youthful 90 years of age, Jean belongs to three needlework guilds, is very active in several book groups, is the editor of her local Computer Club News and leader of a stitching group she began back in 1978.  Wow Jean, where do you find the time and energy? As you can see, Jean won a 1st Place Blue Ribbon at the Montgomery County Fair this past fall.


Well, if you read about Allison Heinbaugh’s adaptation of Pumpkin Swirl directly below, here is Allison’s newest creation of the A-Maze-ing Dessert originally called Plum Pudding. This is her companion piece that she just completed (05-21-13) to compliment and match a quilt she made a few years ago. As you can see, Allison got even more creative and decided to blend the raspberry and bubblegum colors toward the center of the design. When I created the A-Maze-in Dessert Collection this is exactly what I had in mind for these designs.  I want stitchers to take the basic designs, change them up and make them originally their own.  Making color and fiber changes can totally change the look of the design. Bravo Allison!


This amazing piece was stitched using the A-Maze-ing Dessert called Pumpkin Swirl chart (if you can believe that!) Stitched by Allison Heinbaugh of Willamsburg, Virginia. Allison calls it Pumpkin Swirl on a budget, or “Pumpkin Swirl Lite”, if you will. She chose her colors to match a quilt she made some years ago. Allison stitched this piece in DMC cotton and metallic threads on 14ct Aida in Antique White.  Metallic gold or dark green threads were used in place of the beads.  Outstanding Allison … now that’s thinking out of the box!


Plum Pudding – By Doreen Low of Fairbanks, Alaska. Here is another incredible piece by Doreen done entirely in delica beads through the art of bead weaving. There are nearly 44,000 beads in this piece.  I would give anything to actually see this piece hanging in a window with the light shining through it! Thanks again Doreen for sharing this with all of us and interpreting one of my designs into another artistic medium!


Eggs Ala Round – Lorna Phillips of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, stitched her masterpiece on 28ct Ray of Light Lugana and triple-matted it in raspberry, creme and green. Excellent choice on the matts Lorna!  It makes the colors in the piece look more like pastel Easter Eggs and gives it a softer feel. I also love the setting and how you staged it in your home.



Sleepy Hollow – By Amanda Lowery of Blountsville, Alabama, chose an entirely different fabric — 28ct Echo from Picture This Plus.  It looks really spooky Amanda, great job!


Moose By Moonlight and Nightime Snack – By Doreen Low of Fairbanks, Alaska (only 25 miles from the North Pole!) I was so excited when Doreen sent me this photo. See, Doreen’s favorite hobby is “bead weaving”.  Doreen says she often takes cross-stitch charts and adapts them so that she can do them on her loom. She uses delica beads since they are all the same size (very tiny) and they fit together like little tiles.  Doreen used transparent beads on these two designs since they hang in a window and reflect the light differently throughout the day. I bet this picture does not do them justice and they must be absolutely stunning when the light shows through them!  Outstanding job Doreen.  I just can’t wait to see Plum Pudding done like this.  It will be incredible! Thanks so much for sharing your unique hobby with all of us.


Come Sit A Spell – By Lisa Piscitello of Carol Stream, IL.  Stitched on 18ct Royalty Flair by Enchanted Fabrics. Instead of stitching the spiderweb in black floss, Lisa used #4 Very Fine Braid in Black.  Notice that the spooky eyeballs in the martini glasses look a bit larger than on the original model.  That’s because Lisa used an 18ct fabric, instead of a 28ct over 2.  It looks great Lisa … the fabric rocks!


Sleepy Hollow – By Linda Mosch of Morristown, NJ, USA. Linda made this piece her own by adding a strand of Kreinik Glow-in-the-Dark Grapefruit Blending Filament to the Caron Waterlilies Lemon-n-Lime when stitching the full moon in this piece. It looks outstanding Linda and your framer did a phenomenal job as well!


Plum Pudding – By Robynne McFarlane of Queensland, Australia. Robynne enjoyed stitching Plum Pudding so much that she is now working on Cherries Jubilee.  We can’t wait to see it Robynne!


Ghool School – Another outstanding piece by Kendra Hansford of Raleigh, NC. Stitched on Dusty Sunset 14ct hand-dyed Aida.  Kendra says that she had so much fun stitching Ghool School that she will really miss these Halloween characters!


Murky Manor – By Kendra Hansford of Raleigh, NC. Stitched on a smokey gray Aida hand-dyed by the stitcher herself!  Kendra says Murky Manor is one of her favorites and that she will be proudly displaying it in her dining room this Halloween season.  Beautiful job Kendra!


New Snow – By Lisa Piscitello of Carol Stream, IL.  Stitched on 16ct Dawn by Sugar Maple Fabrics. Lisa actually stitched this some time ago, however just recently had it framed. Lisa commented that she really enjoyed stitching with the Caron Collection Wildflowers threads. Gallery-Lisa-Piscitello-New-Snow

Witch Parking Only – By Lynn Scully of Carol Stream, IL.  Witch Parking Only is a new 2011 Halloween release. Lynn did a fabulous job customizing this design and making it one-of-kind by stitching it on Flash Aida by Picture This Plus and changing the toad colors to London Fog and Caper. Lynn stitched Witch Parking only as a special gift for her mother who just loves frogs (and toads too!) The colors look great Lynn!


Wicked Wanda – By Lisa Piscitello of Carol Stream, IL. Wicked Wanda was a design that appeared on the cover of the September 2010 issue of the Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine.  Lisa changed things up just a bit by stitching her piece on 18ct French Lavender by Sugar Maple Fabrics and stitching the spiders in Kreinik Black #4 Very Fine Braid, instead of black floss. Lisa and her close friend Lynn are huge Glendon Place fans!


GP-146 Murky Manor – By Ellen Baglivi of Monroe, NJ.  Ellen says of the 30 years that she has been stitching, this is one of the most fun pieces she has ever worked on.  When she had it framed at Michael’s, all the employees cam running and just had to see the haunted house!  It’s stunning Ellen!


GP-168 The Witches Wheel – By Kathy Bennett of Adrian, MI. There is just no end to the imaginations and creativity of stitchers.  Kathy decided to change the fabric to Prank by Picture This Plus and make her finished piece into a banner.  Another wonderful way to keep expenses down and make storing from Halloween to Halloween easy and efficient. Wonderful Kathy! Gallery-Kathy-Bennet-The-Witches-Wheel

GP-168 The Witches Wheel – By Tammy Folse of Louisiana.  Tammy really outdid herself with the finishing on this fabulous piece.  Ghosts, candy corn and even a witches hat embellish this wickedly charming Halloween decoration. Thanks for making my design look so awesome Tammy! Gallery-Tammy-Folse-Louisiana

GP-165 Dance of the Tulips – By Sharon Craig of Reddick, FL.  Wow! Dance of the Tulips looks great in any color and check out the beautiful job of framing by Cindy Dunlow Frames of Ocala, FL. Super job Sharon, enjoy your piece!


GP-165 Dance of the Tulips – By Kathy Bennett of Adrian, MI.  Kathy just loved Dance of the Tulips but really wanted to do it in lavenders so it would match her bedroom decor.  In addition she chose to use a fabric from Stitches & Spice in Australia. Fabulous job Kathy, it’s georgeous!



GP-168 The Witches Wheel – By Bonnie Olson of Brookfield, MA. Bonnie got very creative and stitched her design on 40ct Garden State Java (primitive green), swapped out the Mill Hill Beads for bright DMC colors, and then did a fabulous job of mounting her piece inside a black tin plate.  Now that’s a whole different approach to finishing.  Nice job Bonnie!

GP-161 Sleepy Hollow –  By Deborah Smith of Hyde Park, NY.  Deborah said that Sleepy Hollow was very fun to stitch!


GP-146 Murky Manor – By Domie, Middle of France (near Orleans)
GP-111 A Ghostly Gathering – By Jean Bendula, Brick City Cross Stitch, Ocala, FL
GP-147 Monster March – By Suzanne Proulx, Brick City Cross Stitch, Ocala, FL
GP-155 Web of Stash – By Lisa Piscitello of Illinois. Stitched on 18ct Pumpkin Pizzaz Flair by Enchanted Fabrics. Lisa said she just loved this design because it was “quick and easy to do”.