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Glendon Place Thanks You for stopping by the Harvest Market Hop!

By clicking on the “Glendon Place Buyer’s Link” on the Harvest Market Hop website, you have been brought directly to a private purchasing page on the Glendon Place website. From this page, you can also see the new charts and items being offered in the Harvest Market Hop.  When you are ready to place your order, just scroll down below the images and complete the order form. NOTE:  Don’t forget about the “BUY 5, GET 1 FREE OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE”. Please note your FREE selection(s) in the Comments Section of the Order Form. If there are any other items you would like to order, indicate them in the Comments Section as well.

Feel free to right-click on any of the images and do a “Save Picture As” in order to save the images and use in your selling efforts. Enjoy your shopping experience and feel free to order other Glendon Place charts, thread packs or embellishment packs as needed. Please note: FABRIC AND STITCH DOTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT WHOLESALE PRICES.

Should you decide to “click around” the site to see other items, please remember to always use the “page-back” arrow in the upper left hand corner to return to this order page. Since this is a private page, you can not get back to it any other way.

 GP-248 Boughs Ala Round

A new edition to the “Ala Round” family of designs. Just in time for Christmas – it’s a Christmas Mandala with cute little angels tucked into each of the four corners. Although difficult to see in the photo, this design is stitched with 11 colors of Dinky-Dyes silk floss and has lots of Christmas bling and incorporates 6 colors of Mill Hill Beads!

  GP-249 Thanks Giving

No better way to usher in the fall holidays than with a couple of quirky turkeys. They are just sticking their necks out to see what all the fuss is about! Stitched beautifully in 10 colors of Dinky-Dyes silk floss. What a fun stitch!


GP-248F Boughs Ala Round Silk Floss Pack
GP-249F Thanks Giving Silk Floss Pack
GP-248E Boughs Ala Round
Embellishment Pack 
 GP-244 Bad Girls  GP-247 Peter Pumpkinhead
Here’s a new twist on an old saying! Simply put, “if you can’t stir with the bad girls, then stay away from the cauldron!” A very easy stitch with a burst of color. Model stitched with 11 colors of Weeks Dye works, but is easily adapted to Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss.   Check out this slim, dapper gent! He ready for a night on the town, or in other words, he’s “puttin’ on the Halloween Ritz!” Stitched in 29 colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss, along with 4 colors of Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid.
GP-246 Overheard In An Orchard
This poem was written by Elizabeth Cheney back in 1859. Unfortunately, I could not find out any additional information about the author.  I love the poem and still thought it has a place in the present day. Stitched on 28ct Queen Anne’s Lace Jobelan with 17 colors of Sulky No. 12 wt. cotton thread (much like Caron Wildflowers).
 GP-245 Rambunctious Raccoons
Raccoons don’t get much cuter than this! The perfect companion piece to Outrageous Owls and a fabulous choice if your helping to decorate a child’s room with a woodland animals theme. Stitched with 45 colors of Sullivans/DMC/or Anchor floss on 28ct Aerial Cashel Linen by Picture This Plus. 
GP-246F Overheard In An Orchard Thread Pack
GP-247E Peter Pumpkinhead
Embellishment Pack

Harvest Market Hop Order Form for Glendon Place Products

Easily order new charts and materials offered during the Harvest Market Hop (Sept. 7 -12), by completing the form below. You may even add items to this order that are not listed in the hop. Please indicate quantities of each item below. You may also indicate whether you would prefer that I email you a PAYPAL invoice (for payment within 30 days), include a paper invoice in your order (also with terms of Net 30 Days), or contact you for your debit/credit card information. Thank you for supporting Glendon Place in the Harvest Market Hop. Should you have any questions, before or after you submit the form, please do not hesitate to call me. Warm wishes, Cheryl Granda, Glendon Place, Cross-Stitch Designs for the Heirloom Stitcher,,, 813.653.3556

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