Monster March


The Monster March chart pack comes with two designs in
one. Just about every ghoul you can think of has jumped
into line to shake their “BOO-ty”.
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Both versions stitched in full stitches, using 2 stands of floss over 2 threads of fabric. Version 1 is in full color and the model is presented matted and framed, while Version 2 has the same familiar characters of Version 1, but the model is presented in a black silhouette with a purple checkered border and made into a pillow.Don’t let the size scare you, this one stitches up fast with full stitches and only 3 colors of floss.



Materials Summary:

Version 1: 35 colors of Anchor/DMC floss

Version 2: 3 colors of Anchor/DMC floss



Version 1

Version 2


28ct Echo Cashel Linen hand-dyed by Picture This Plus use in original model. However, 28ct Mirage Linen by PTP is recommended as a comparable replacement color and is available here.

28ct Voodoo Cashel Linen hand-dyed and available directly from Picture This Plus at 866.314.4343.

Stitched Area

300w X 96h

323w X 110h

Stitch Count

298w X 94h

321w X 104h

Design Area

21-1/4″w X 6-5/8″h

23″w X 7-½”h


(All backstitching done in Anchor/DMC 403/310.)

1/B5200 White

110/155 Lavender Med

19/304 Burgundy Med

112/333 Lavender DK

22/814 Burgundy VY DK

403/310 Black (4 skeins)

110/155 Lavender Med


112/333 Lavender DK

176/793 Ocean Blue

178/791 Ocean Blue DK

231/453 Rose Grey LT

232/452 Rose Grey Med

233/451 Rose Grey

278/472 Olive Green LT

280/471 Olive Green Med

281/470 Olive Green DK

292/3078 Jonquil VY LT

316/740 (971) Tangerine DK

326/720 Apricot DK

352/300 Bark DK

359/801 Coffee Med

381/938 Fudge Med

398/168 Grey

400/317 Grey Med

403/310 Black

858/524 Laurel Green LT

860/522 Laurel Green Med LT

861/520 Laurel Green Med

870/3042 Amethyst

871/3041 Amethyst Med LT

873/3740 Amethyst DK

924/469 Olive Green VY DK

1008/407 (3773) Chicory Med

1009/3774 Copper VY LT

1014/355 Brick VY DK

1062/598 Teal VY LT

1064/3810 Teal LT

1068/3808 Teal

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