Peep Show


Peep Show is one of four Easter designs from 2011.

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Here is Easter with a completely different look and feel than the traditional pastel colors that your normally see.  Using the subdued colors of the Simply Shaker palette from The Gentle Art line, these designs are warm, give you the feel of nostalgia, yet display your favorite Easter characters indulging in a little holiday mischief.  Stitch your favorite, or collect all four:

Easter Delivery

What A Quack Up

Peep Show

Dust Bunnies

Fabric: Stitched on 28 count Mello by Picture This Plus

Stitch Area: 70w X 102h

Stitch Count: 68w X 100h

Design Area: 4 3/4″w X 7 1/8″h

Materials Summary: Models stitched with 17 colors of The Gentle Art Floss. Crescent Colours and Weeks Dye Works comparables provided in the chart below.


The Gentle Art

Weeks Dye Works

Crescent Colours

0640 Daffodil

2217 Lemon Chiffon

Crushed Pineapple

0660 Daisy

1114 Lemonade

Baby Chick

7008 Rhubarb

2274 Romance

House Wine

7011 Berry Cobbler

1323 Cranberry Ice

Pickled Beets

7012 Picket Fence

1088 White Lightning


7020 Butternut Squash

2223 Saffron

Golden Star

7026 Fragrant Cloves

2238 Sweet Potato

Colonial Copper

7033 Harvest Moon

2222 Cornbread

Old Marigold

7036 Geranium

2262 Watermelon Punch

Cherry Tomato

7044 Dungarees

2107 Blue Jeans

Old Blue Jeans

7059 Pumpkin Pie

1227 Bright Leaf

Brandied Pears

7061 Caramel Corn

1219 Oak

Onion Skin

7066 Wood Trail

1271 Bark

Hickory Sticks

7071 Sun Flower

2224 Squash


7074 Chives

2196 Scuppernong

Bean Sprout

7084 Expresso Bean

1304 Onyx

Black Coffee


NOTE: In the event you should decide to stitch more than one of the designs in the 4-part series, you only need 1 skein of each of the colors to complete ALL the designs, except for 7061 Caramel Corn/1219 Oak/or Onion Skin, which you will need 1-2 skeins for EACH design.

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