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Mini Memories are a series of three charts designed with the Sudberry House 3″ X 3″ Mini Wooden Boxes.  The charts were introduced by category and each chart contains 4 different designs specific to that category.

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Mini Memories of Everyday is generic in nature and contains everyday types of designs that can be displayed year-round.  Be creative! If you like the design, but don’t want to stitch it as a mini box, then stitch it on the fabric of your choice.  For example, if you choose to stitch the design with 2 threads of floss over 2 threads of fabric on 28ct Linen, you will end up with a design that is exactly 3″ X 3″. Stitch it as an ornament, a hand towel, or for a mini frame!

This set contains the following designs:
Mad Money – Everyone needs a secret stash for those moments when you just need to get a little crazy and throw caution to the wind.
Save For A Rainy Day – It’s always a good idea to put a little aside for a rainy day.  Maybe it’s a movie, a book you’ve be wanting to read, or a trip to the mall.
Secrets – Store that piece of jewelry or personal memento that needs a special place.
Tooth Fairy – What a cute little box to stitch for your young son, daughter or grandchildren to store that precious tooth in while waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive!

 Mad Money

for a
Rainy Day



 Tooth Fairy

 GP-171-Mad-Money-300  GP-171-Save-for-a-Rainy-Day-300  GP-171-Secrets-300  GP-171-Tooth-Fairy-300


Fabric: Stitched on 22 count Hardanger

Stitch Area: 44w X 44h

Stitch Count: 42w X 42h

Design Area: 1-3/4″ X 1-3/4″

Materials Summary: Models stitched with Sullivans floss.  Anchor and DMC comparables provided in chart.

Sudberry House Mini Wooden Boxes: Purchase for your local or online independent needlework shop or go to Sudberry House, where the mini box retails for $19.50.

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