Caron Waterlilies 027 Lemon-n-Lime Silk Floss


A common color of Caron Waterlilies silk floss used in the moons of many Glendon Place Halloween designs.

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This unique color has been used for the moon in several of the Glendon Place Halloween designs, to include:  GP-161 Sleepy Hollow,

GP-167 Ghool Shool, GP-181 Come Sit A Spell, GP-200 Castle Le Creep, GP-201 Hooligan’s Hangout, GP-211 Eerie Express,

GP-221 Cruisin’, and GP-226 Carpe Noctis. Can also be used in GP-110 Witching It Was Halloween, GP-130 Vinny the Vampire and

GP-146 Murky Manor (in lieu of the color originally selected by the designer.)

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