Natural Dinky-Dyes Silk Floss


An additional skein of 0-Natural Dinky Dyes silk floss may be required in some A-Maze-ing Dessert designs depending upon the tension of your stitching.

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Some of the A-Maze-ing Dessert designs use the color “0-Natural” Dinky Dyes silk floss. All of the floss packs sold that include this color contain the required number of skeins needed based upon what was used when the model was stitched. One of these designs in particular, GP-196 Tiramisu, was stitched using 2 entire skeins of floss with very little left over. Depending upon the tension of your stitching or how much thread waste you produce, you may find it necessary to purchase a 3rd skein.  If you purchase the Tiramisu Silk Floss Pack, it only contains 2 skeins.  You should not be expected to purchase 3 skeins, if in fact, you do not need it.  Therefore, this color is sold separately in the event you find the need for an additional skein. Dye lot will not be an issue with this color.

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