Winds Through The Olive Trees (Exclusive) Dinky-Dyes Silk Floss


Individual skein of Winds Through The Olive Trees Dinky-Dyes silk floss. A Glendon Place *Exclusive Fiber.

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*NOTE: This exclusive color (Winds Through The Olive Trees) was created by Dinky-Dyes specifically for the Winds Through The Olive Trees design.  This color is not part of the regular Dinky-Dyes silk floss line and can only be purchased exclusively from Glendon Place or independent needlework shops as part of the silk floss pack or in individual skeins directly from Glendon Place. You may find the need to purchase individual skeins should you want to stitch the design and you already have all the other Dinky-Dyes colors that you purchased directly from an independent needlework shop.


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